So I've finally gotten a job out here!

Not the greatest at $16/hour, but it's to start, so it's cool with me.

But yeah, I'm happy to get back to work!!!

I start Monday, so I'm back in the work force!


Well shit.
Went 4x4ing for real for the first time.

There is nothing like seeing your dad's big-ass truck going up a 30-35 degree hill, BACKWARDS. Yes folks. My buddy Adam got stuck, so we backed him down the hill and then he had another go at it. So while I was halfway down said hill, I see my dad come and whip down the hill. Adam goes up, then he starts going in reverse. Gets stuck partway, then he goes halfway down the hill again and just hammers the gas. Hot damn that looked fucking awesome.

So then we get to the top, and one of the other trucks with us weren't there, so we ended up going back around and trying to find her. Once we did, there was another hill.

So adam threw it into 4-low, and rocked that hill.

Holy shit did we drink like fishes. Nice little bonfire going, bout 9 or 10 people, just makes for an awesome night. It seems all it took was Tara going 4x4ing to get the bug, and she FINALLY said 'hunnnnny, I want a 4x4!" Hehe, so it looks like we'll be getting one sooner now ;P


so I went sledding again today, and it was cool. Except that we fried the belt on Tara's sled (I was running her sled, she was at home. Wanted to see how it ran!). We tried another belt that was a better size, but that was kind of touch and go. so for 3/4 of the trip, I was being towed behind my dad!!! That wasn't too fun, I'll admit, but it was fun enough! Holy shit, there was this HUGE bowl, kind of like a halfpipe in a sense, but big. like...100 or so feet long, and probably a 40 ft drop at like a 45 degree angle. Needless to say, when you whip down one side, hammer the throttle and fly up the other side, you get some WICKED air!!! I hopped on Becky's sled (Arctic Cat 580 Powder Special) and did a few runs with it, and then I took dad's sled over the bowl (Arctic Cat 580 Powder Special, piped and clutched - runs like a 700), and I got some WICKED air!!!!
Unfortunately I can't take Tara's sled through the bowl, its a 340 and with 3/4" lugs, I dont think it will quite have the power to get ME over the bowl. My Yamaha's a 540 and is built for racing, so I shouldn't have any problem getting over it! What a bloody rush!

gods that was awesome today. We took about 3 hours to get to the bowl, started a fire and played around for a bit. then we continued on to Dominick Lake, and were going to leave Tara's sled there and pick it up later, but we decided to tow it home and we ended up leaving it at the place we launched from!!! Poor sled, its full of snow and that snow is going to freeze overnight, so we'll have to thaw it out in dad's garage tomorrow or saturday, and then get a new belt for it. It should run fine after that.

Now all I need to do is get my sled running (need to make some track adjustments), and I'll be good to go. I think New Years Day will probably be the next sledding trip, and I'm already looking forward to it!

A look at some of the gear I got for Christmas/Birthday...


Jacket Page (First one on left)

The helmet is modular, so it lifts up from the chin, and Tara's getting the same one, only it's pink! Can't wait!!

I promise I'll have some pics to post soon, I've just been lazy and busy with all the stuff going on.



Is there a greater sport than snowboarding? how about one where the answer to 95% of your problems or trouble situations is full throttle?

try snowmobiling. I went for the first time yesterday in my life, and went with my dad and some of the 'old boys'. I was using my dads' wifes' sled, an arctic cat 580. I never thought I would willingly go 50mph on snow and not die. What a rush.

get bogged down? hit the throttle.
hit powder? full throttle and carve your way back to the trail.
turning? lean and hammer the throttle!
hit a snowbank unexpectedly? stand on the back of the track and hammer that throttle!!!

I snaffooed a few pics of the day, so I'll try and get them posted today!

oh yeah, Im back from work for the season! don't go back to work until around march! (knowing the boss, it'll end up being mid-february and we'll be working in the cold....again.)

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Guess what...

guess who's engaged?

Me. and Tara, of course. hahaha.

engagement party? We're not sure yet, but stay posted for details.